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East-West Live Blog

Hey everyone, kickoff just got underway and hopefully we will have an interesting game.

Coaching the East squad is former Broncos and Falcons coach Dan Reaves.  The West is led by former Cowboys head coach, Wade Phillps, the new defensive coordinator for the Texans.

Game will be played with NFL rules no blitzing however,also no challenges.

1st Quarter-  Scott Tolzien of Wisconsin is the starting QB of the west team.

First play of the game Alex Green of Hawaii fumbles the ball, never good.

Tyrod Taylor comes out to lead the East and on the first play hands it off to Delone Carter for an 18 yard touchdown.  Carter showed some nice burst and power around the edge on that run.  NFL Draft Guru Mike Mayock named him as his player to watch before the game.

Not much on the second series from the East.  Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona is getting a nice burst off the line.  He is one of the more underrated ends in a very deep class.

West team driving and then Kenny Rowe, DE, Oregon runs right by the RT and forces a strip sack on Tolzien, recovered by the West team in the end zone for a safety but could have easily been recovered by the East for a touchdown.  9-0 East with 8:59 in the 1st.

Taylor makes a couple nice passes on that series and a nice scramble to convert on third down showing what he does best.  Evan Royster caps it off with a 4 yard touchdown to make it 16-0 East.  Mayock calls out Royster for his lack of a burst and says he has one speed and I have to agree.  I just don’t see much NFL potential there.  Boise State DE, Ryan Winterswyk made a nice stop on a run play and was close to chasing Tyrod down, he’s looking good out there right now.

Tolzien sacked again, the West team is really having protection issues which is not a surprise for an all star game like this.

Pat Devlin finally enters the game for the East finally.  Not much from him on this series but he is showing some good pocket presence and mobility, could be a good QB in the right system.  Jeron Johnson closes well on a run play and shows why he is regarded as one of the better safeties in this draft.

West is just getting killed on the line, Tolzien with another fumble and ends with the East getting another FG. 19-0 East.

Nathan Enderle finally enters the game for the West.  Doesn’t show good foot work but the West’s line is playing so bad right now that nobody is going to look good back there.  Armon Binns makes his first catch, his body really stands out and looks NFL ready, a real big kid.

Ricky Dobbs enters the game for the East.  Doesn’t look like an NFL QB, looks to run first and has a very low and awkward throwing motion.  Probably will be a UDFA.

Enderle is showing nice zip on the ball but not good foot work or timing.  However, he throws a nice touch pass to the back of the endzone to his TE on the crossing pattern.  They line up for two and run a similar play to the TE Julius Thomas again.  Enderle makes another nice touch pass across his body. 19-8 East.

Halftime comes to an end.  Game hasn’t been too exciting and nobody has really stood out yet.  Will have more during the 2nd half.

2nd Half underway and Tyrod Taylor is back in for the East.  Dontay Moch has looked surprisingly good playing as a stand-up LB and has made some nice plays chasing down backs in space.  Mayock says he is only at 229 lbs right now though which is surprising, I thought he was closer to 240.  He could really have some problems at the NFL shedding blockers if that is true.

Marvin Austin hasn’t been impressive today.  Doesn’t use his size well and has been pancaked a couple times, seems to play too high.  Has been out of football for a year though so rust is expected.

Greg Smith TE, Texas has made a couple nice catches today and he has been finding holes in coverage.  Made a really nice adjustment on a catch from Tyrod that he threw to the wrong shoulder.  Smith looks pretty athletic at 6’4 250.  Another guy people might be familiar with Greg Cooper, RB, Miami, hasn’t really impressed me.  He jitters too much at the line and even in the second zone, hasn’t showed much burst either.

Jerrod Johnson QB, Miss. State enters for the West.  I’m not impressed by him.  Puts the ball in good spots but has a low release and has poor arm strength, don’t think he projects to much at the NFL.  Should be a late rounder at best.

Bad quarterbacking right now.  Devlin makes a poor throw into coverage and is picked off.  Very next play Johnson makes a terrible decision and tries to throw a ball out of bounds but floats it up down field and is picked off.  Don’t see him as an NFL QB.  Delone Carter hasn’t gained a ton of yards since his first carry for a TD but he has really showed some down field toughness.  He’s one of those guys that definitely raised his stock this week and probably wont slip past the 4th now.

Well, there is only 4 minutes left and I’ve got to run.  Has been a pretty uneventful second half.  I’ll be back tomorrow to write a little wrap-up of how the game went and who helped their cause.  Thanks for following.


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