Posted by: ewadd986 | 01/23/2011


So this week we were asked to find 10 blogs related to our topic, mine being the NFL Draft.  So without further adieu:

1. Draftcountdown–  My go to site for the NFL Draft.  Scott Wright has excellent player ratings and mock drafts and has a lot of other great content as well, readers should definitely check it out.

2. NFL–  The NFL’s official blogsite that constantly streams information.  Will really help my site for player news etc.

3. Draft Daddy–  This blog is constantly updated and will help me to keep up with college player news.

4. Mocking the Draft– A good site that is constantly updated.  Will help me gather information pertaining to the draft.

5. Walter Football–  Has good article on things related to the NFL Draft.

6. ESPN–  ESPN’s NFL Draft blog.  Has a lot of good information from well respected writers and scouts.

7. Mock Draft HQ– A site with a lot of good mock drafts and links.

8. Footballs Future– A nice looking site that has a lot of information and pages.

9. Fanhouse– Has a lot of articles and also links to good draft content.

10. My NFL Draft– Good site that has a nice mock draft and archives.


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