Posted by: ewadd986 | 01/25/2011


Sorry Draft fans, tonight, it’s all politics.

I have to do a live blog on Obama’s, State of the Union address.  Not really interested in politics but I guess it can’t hurt, right?

10:13- It’s all over folks.  Decent speech, not a whole lot of outdrawn ovations so can’t complain there.  Ended strong.  Still mad he didn’t come out with this shtick.

10:08- Props to Salvatore Giunta, the latest Medal of Honor(highest military decoration) recipient.  His story is amazing and makes this country what it is.

10:06- Haha, cant change the old guard.  Those officers were not digging the don’t ask don’t tell comment.

10:04- Finally some love for the people that matter most to this country(soldiers).

9:58- Look at the 100,000 soldiers who have left Iraq with their heads held high(APPLAUSE).  No applause for the “civilians” still there fighting?  #democrats (I have no political affiliation by the way)

9:54- Awkward/terrible salmon joke?  Awkward pause?  CLAP FOR THE PRESIDENT OR ELSE.

9:52- Someone on the twitter live feed said Biden looks like a failed Jeff Dunham puppet, hilarious zing.

9:42- Biden is the most inconspicuous VP I’ve ever seen.  He also looks like he’s inconspicuously passing gas and is intrigued by its smell.  Boehner can’t wait to get out.

9:33- If you want me to be a teacher, pay them more.  Teacher salaries are way too low.

9:32- Completely agree, teachers can have as much impact on a kid as their own parents.  I have met a couple in my life that I am thankful for and will never forget.  I really like what he is saying about education, hopefully things can change.

9:28- I like what Obama is saying about education, %25 of kids not graduating high school is alarming.  Although, if the Packers win the Super Bowl, I will congratulate them.

9:20- Is Obama reading off of a prompter?  If not that is damn impressive, if he is, at least he doesn’t sound like this idiot.

9:12- Obama mentions Senator Giffords, nice standing ovation.

9:10- Obama just got to the podium and of course everyone is still standing, can’t wait to see that all night.  Hopefully he says something that interests me.


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