Posted by: ewadd986 | 01/29/2011

Senior Bowl Wrap-Up

The Senior Bowl just ended and in somewhat of a surprise, the South easily beat the North, 24-10. Christian Ponder was named MVP and finished the game with 132 passing yards, 2 touchdowns going 7/13.

In all, this wasn’t too exciting of a game but there were definitely some guys who were able to stand out and some might have really raised their draft status. Here are some of the players who caught my eye.

Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M- Coming into this game I think just about everyone listed Miller as their best overall prospect. He didn’t do anything to change that today and in my opinion improved his stock. Miller is a devastating pass rusher but due to there being no blitzing, he was forced to sit back and read plays all day. He showed a high football I.Q. and made a number of nice tackles for loss or stops for no gain. He reads the play, trusts his instincts and goes after it. He can also fit as a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 OLB which cements him as a top 10 pick. I think he is best suited for the 3-4 though will his ability to rush the passer.
Stock: Up

Jake Locker, QB, Washington- Everyone wanted to see how Jake Locker would do with a good line and play-makers on the outside. Lots of excuses have been made for Locker during his senior season and today he was supposed to show what he really was made of. If today was an indicator, it was that he is still a work in progress and in my opinion only a late 1st round pick. Accuracy is the biggest concern with Locker and on a number of throws Locker sailed the ball high out of the receivers reach. He also missed Kendricks on a wide open seem route early on. Mike Mayock made some really good points about Locker’s footwork showing that he over-strides his front foot which could be the reason why he sails balls. He did make a nice throw into the endzone to Pettis that would have likely been a TD but there was pass interference on the play. Bottom line, Locker has all the physical tools and intangibles to be a really good QB but it will take time to get there. If he can get good coaching, improve his footwork and work on his throwing in the pocket he will be a starter in the NFL for a long time.
Stock: Down

Christian Ponder, QB, FSU- Ponder was the only QB able to separate himself from the pack and consequentially ended up being the MVP of the game. He led the South team on a number of drives that ended with points and threw two touchdowns himself. Both of his touchdown passes were very nice. The first one to Hankerson had perfect timing and put it right where it needed to be. The second one showed a lot of intelligence as he checked down the safety and put it in a spot for Kerley to make the play. He just seemed to be the only QB that was really comfortable out on the field. He also has some nice wheels which is a plus but he needs to work on getting some zip on the ball. He doesn’t have great arm strength and on the first play he threw a pretty bad deep ball to Hankerson. He would be most successful in a West Coast offense and at this point I think he has solidified a second round grade.
Stock: Up

Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami- Hankerson probably would have been my choice for MVP, he had a very impressive day. He caught 5 balls for 99 yards and a touchdown. On the touchdown he made a really nice fake on Burney and a nice comeback on the ball from Ponder for a TD and made it look easy. He also made a really nice adjustment on the first play of the game and was able to secure the ball after bobbling it at first. Speaking of bobbling, Hankerson had a couple of drops on catches that he should have had. That it one of his biggest flags at the moment. He looks like an NFL receiver when watching him play and he kind of reminds you of another form Cane receiver, Andre Johnson. He doesn’t have the sure hands and wont work the middle of the field as well which is why I think he projects to a #2 WR in the NFL but a very good one at that. If he can run a 4.5 or better it will really do wonders for his stock. At this point he could come off as early as late first early second.
Stock: Up

Nate Solder, OT, Colorado- Solder had one of the more disappointing days as far as the higher rated guys went. He is thought by many to be the top tackle in a mediocre class. Solder is huge at 6’8 314 lbs but today he showed that his height can be a disadvantage to his body. He seems to lose his center of gravity when trying to get off of his stance. He struggles breaking his initial stance and as a result, guys were able to blow right by him on more than one occasion. He is pretty new to the position however after formerly playing TE so it could just take some time and good coaching to get Solders technique to where it needs. He does have LT potential and showed a nice drive in the run game. I still think he has a good chance to be the first OT taken as Castonzo didn’t look impressive either and with a premium on the LT position in the draft, he will likely be snatched up by pick 25.
Stock: Down

Check back later as I will have more write-ups on how other players did today.


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