Posted by: ewadd986 | 01/30/2011


“On the other side of the coin, West Virginia’s Noel Devine did not look good, getting physically manhandled by defenders every time there was contact.” – Scott Wright, Draftcountdown

Scott was at the senior bowl on the sidelines and had a chance to view Noel close up. While I agree with him that he did not look good, I wouldn’t go as so far to say that he was getting physically manhandled. It might have been different because I was watching from TV but from what I saw, every time they tried to run the ball with Devine they ran it inside and created no holes. Noel is a guy who needs a hole to create and positive yards. Obviously when there isn’t one he is going to be gobbled up at 160 pounds but he does have the ability to shake off defenders if he has room. I think that was evident when they ran a stretch play left into space on his TD although nobody really came close to him.

“So Ponder is trying his best to answer them. Not with words but with what he does here this week, and with he’ll do next month at the NFL Combine. He believes he can be the quarterback who once inspired talk of the Heisman Trophy – the one some pundits thought might be the most NFL-ready quarterback in the nation.” – Andrew Carter,,0,2170274.story

I think that Ponder did exactly that this weekend. He was hands down the most impressive QB in a group where a lot of expectations were placed on Locker. Maybe Ponder felt he had something to prove because he looked like the most NFL ready QB on Saturday. He led the South to points on nearly all of his drives and was in constant control of his offense and the game. He was very poised in leading his team up and down the field and showed he can read defenses and check off coverage, something the other QB’s didn’t really do. His arm strength will need to improve but he can easily step into a role in a West Coast offense. 49er’s round 2???

“Kendricks didn’t necessarily have a great game receiving. But he showed on multiple occasions he can block. He took it to Miami’s Allen Bailey on a few plays, which was impressive.” –

I’m glad someone gave Kendricks some recognition but I feel like he deserves more. Maybe not for his efforts in this game but just overall as a prospect I feel as if Kendricks if flying a little bit under the radar. He has prototypical size that you look for and when watching him on Saturday I was really impressed with how fluid he was when running routes. He gets to the second level with ease and can separate himself well from linebackers. He made a really nice diving catch in the game as well. Kendricks is my top TE and I have him over Rudolph because as mockingthedraft mentioned he is a more than capable blocker and is a good pass catcher in his own right. Maybe it’s just because the TE position is somewhat down this year but I still think Kendricks garners 2nd round attention.



  1. Ponder is a guy I do really like and right now I have him heading to San Fran in the 2nd round in the mock i’m working on. He’s not the most physically gifted, but the intangibles are there. It’s at the point now where 5 years from now I could totally see him being the best quarterback from this draft class (probably won’t happen, but I do feel he will be successful).

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