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Team Needs: AFC North and East

Before we get into team needs I would just like to say that I also LOVE national signing day.  This is the first time we ever really hear about the stars that will head to college and one day hopefully make it to the NFL via the draft.  In a way, recruiting is a lot like the NFL Draft and is a joy to follow.  Check out this weird story that happened with one Ole Miss recruit named Floyd Raven.  His mother wanted him to go to Ole Miss so bad she forged his signature on a letter of intent and faxed it in to Ole Miss!  Now that is what I call crazy, anyways Raven will now be headed to Texas A&M.


BENGALS– Bengals will probably lose T.O. and Chad Johnson as he’s back to being called in the offseason so WR instantly becomes the biggest area of concern.  A.J. Green would be a dream scenario.

1.       WR

2.       DE

3.       S

4.       G

5.       QB

BROWNS– The Browns have similar needs to the Bengals and only pick 2 slots behind them.  If somehow the Bengals pass on Green the Browns would have to pick him up.  If he’s gone, a guy to anchor their new defense like Marcell Dareus or even Von Miller would make sense.

1.       WR

2.       DE

3.       RT

4.       S

5.       ILB

RAVENS– The one vaunted Ravens defense is slowly coming apart.  The big problem lies in the secondary where All-Pro Ed Reed is really the only bright spot and even he has contemplated retirement in recent years due to injuries.  The ravens could also use a rush end to improve their pass rush and WR is also a big need.

1.       CB

2.       DE

3.       WR

4.       ILB

5.       RT

STEELERS– Even annual Super Bowl contenders have needs.  Ike Taylor is a free agent at the end of the year and there is little else to speak of after him.  They could also use help at DE where they are getting old and along the offensive line.  Picking at 31 or 32, there figures to be some quality tackles and CB’s worthy of that value.

1.       CB

2.       DE

3.       RG

4.       LT

5.       FS


BILLS– The Bills desperately need a franchise QB but with this crop there may not be one worthy of selection at #3.  The Bills have said they will take the best player available and that won’t be a LT/RT either.  It might come down to Von Miller, Robert Quinn or Marcell Dareus, all guys who can fit a 3-4 or 4-3 once the Bills figure out what scheme they will predominantly run.

1.       QB

2.       LT/RT

3.       OLB

4.       ILB

5.       DE

DOLPHINS–  The Dolphins will also be looking for a franchise QB after swinging and missing on Chad Henne and Pat White.  They also will likely be losing Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams so RB also becomes a big area of concern along with a vertical threat at WR.  I have seen a lot of mocks giving the Dolphins RB Mark Ingram and I think that would be a fine pick at #15.

1.       QB

2.       RB

3.       WR

4.       TE

5.       LG

JETS– The Jets are so close to putting together a Super Bowl caliber team, but they do have some glaring needs.  Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards are likely gone so finding a #1 WR will be huge for the Jets and the further development of Mark Sanchez.  Rex Ryan would also love to improve the pass rush.

1.       WR

2.       DE

3.       OLB

4.       FS

5.       SS

PATRIOTS–  The Patriots have the luxury of having two picks in each of the first three rounds.  They will look to shore up holes in the front seven by adding an OLB and DE to fit the five technique.  They also will need to look for a WR that can potentially be their go to guy and somebody who can stretch the field like Moss did.

1.       OLB

2.       DE

3.       WR

4.       LT/RT

5.       C



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