Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/03/2011

AFC South

Today I was checking out Mockingthedraft from my blog roll and noticed an article they had about the Dolphins QB situation.  Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland was quoted as saying:

“Right now, until we have the opportunity to address it, (Chad Henne) is our quarterback,” Ireland said. “I’m not giving up on the guy.”

Well my rebuttal to that would be the “opportunity” to address it would most certainly be the draft where I could see them flirting with a guy like Cam Newton.  I would not go as so far to say that they are set with Henne for the 2011-2012 season.

Now onto the AFC South division review.


TENNESSEE TITANS– The Titans are actively trying to trade Vince Young so QB immediately becomes the number one need after the former first rounder just didn’t work out in Tennessee.  I could see the Titans making a play for Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri with the 8th pick.

1.       QB

2.       C

3.       TE

4.       DE

5.       SS

HOUSTON TEXANS–  The Texans need a ton of help in the secondary and would love for a guy like Prince Amukamara to fall to the 11th pick.  If not they will probably look to take the best player available to fit Wade Phillips’ new 3-4 scheme.

1.       CB

2.       FS/SS

3.       DT

4.       OLB

5.       WR

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS–  The Jaguars are another team that needs a lot of help on defense and will have a lot of options at the 16th pick to upgrade the defensive line or their line backing corps.  Would they dance with a guy like Newton if he were to fall to them?

1.       DE

2.       FS

3.       QB

4.       CB

5.       OLB

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS– The Colts’ struggles along the offensive line have been occurring for a couple of years now and when you have arguably the best QB in the game you need to do anything and everything to keep him upright.  On the other side of the ball the Colts have had one of the worst run D’s in the league and has greatly held them back in my opinion.  It is especially tough when you have to play Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Arian Foster a combined six times per year!

1.       LT

2.       DT

3.       FS/SS

4.       OLB

5.       CB


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