Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/05/2011

Team Needs: AFC West


DENVER BRONCOS– The #2 overall pick will most certainly be a defensive player.  The Broncos could use help at any position on the defensive side but I think Denver will look to address the trenches first with no real playmakers to speak of, unless Dumervil is moved to DE.  A CB like Prince Amukamara or Patrick Peterson is definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

1.      DL

2.      ILB

3.      CB

4.      OLB

5.      S

OAKLAND RAIDERS– The Raiders made some improvements this year but they won’t progress much further until they find their QB of the future.  It really hurts that the Patriots own their first round pick, #17 overall, due to the Seymour trade.

1.      QB

2.      OL

3.      CB

4.      WR

5.      OLB

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS– Chargers are a tough team to mock right now because I think they could go in a number of directions but I think they definitely need to find a playmaker for Rivers and someone in the front 7 of the 3-4 in the first two rounds.

1.      ILB

2.      WR

3.      OLB

4.      DE/DT

5.      RT

KANSAS CITY CHEIFS– The Chiefs were the surprise team of the year after having one of the better drafts last year.  This year I think they will look to solidify the offensive line or add a playmaker opposite Bowe but the value might not be right unless Julio Jones slips.

1.      OLB

2.      WR

3.      RT

4.      NT

5.      ILB

Also check out this video that one of my buddies just showed me.  It’s a documentary called ‘Year of the Bull’ that follows one player, Taurean Charles, being highly recruited by some of the top schools in the country.  The 4:50 mark is just amazing, let me know what you think.  FYI, there is a lot of cursing.


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