Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/06/2011

NFC North

Hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!  I can’t wait to see some commercials and the expected Captain America spot.  Lets take a quick look at the team needs for the NFC North.


MINNESOTA VIKINGS– With the 200th Brett Favre retirement, the Vikings will likely be looking to find their next signal caller in the draft.

1.       QB

2.       OL

3.       CB

4.       S

5.       LB

DETROIT LIONS– Detroit came out with one of the best players in the draft last year in Suh.  I think they will look to upgrade their line backing core in a LB heavy class.

1.       OLB

2.       CB

3.       C

4.       DE

5.       OT

CHICAGO BEARS– Jay Cutler was constantly on the ground this season due to the Bears having one of, if not the worst offensive line in football.  If the value is right, they will definitely take an OT.

1.       OT

2.       OG

3.       C

4.       DT

5.       CB

GREEN BAY PACKERS– Super Bowl XLV champs?  We’ll see tonight but I think the Packers will have the luxury to go either offense or defense with their first pick.  Another OLB to go along with Clay Matthews woud be nice.

1.       OLB

2.       OT

3.       CB

4.       RB

5.       WR


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