Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/08/2011

This was definitely my favorite Super Bowl commercial from Sunday.



DALLAS COWBOYS– The Cowboys who had expectations of playing in the Super Bowl in their own stadium saw their season crumble pretty quickly.  In the draft they’ll look to upgrade a porous secondary and retool the offensive line.

1.       CB

2.       S

3.       DE

4.       C

5.       OT

WASHINGTON REDSKINS– Where do I begin?  The Redskins could use help at every position except TE basically but Shannahan like to rebuild early in the draft with lineman and backers.  The only problem is is this team still will be looking for their signal caller after botching the trade for McNabb.

1.       QB

2.       DL

3.       WR

4.       OLINE

5.       OLB

NEW YORK GIANTS– The Giants are one of the few teams with good depth across most postions.  However, with the importance they place on the defensive line they will likely look to upgrade the DT position.

1.       DT

2.       OT

3.       LB

4.       CB

5.       RB

PHILIDELPHIA EAGLES– The Eagles made some big strides with Vick this season and I think they will be looking to upgrade their secondary while adding some depth along the offensive line to protect one of the most valuable players in football.

1.       CB

2.       OT

3.       LB

4.       SS

5.       RB


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