Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/09/2011

Team Needs: NFC South

A.J. Green….the #1 pick???


CAROLINA PANTHERS– When you have the #1 pick in the draft, there is obviously a lot to correct.  Had Luck come out, he would have definitely been the pick, now Carolina looks to upgrade the defensive line or possibly go after A.J. Green.

1.       DT

2.       WR

3.       QB

4.       OT

5.       DE

TAMPA BAY BUCANEERS– The Bucs made some big strides in 2010 thanks to the play of Josh Freeman and some surprise rookies in LaGarrette Blount and Mike Williams.  They still have work to do in one of the toughest divisions and will look to add speed on the defensive line.

1.       DE

2.       MLB

3.       FS

4.       OL

5.       RB

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS– The defending champs had some struggles and lost their spot on top to the Falcons due to some injuries at the RB position and a lacking pass rush.  With Bush possibly gone and Thomas often injured they will look to add some depth there.

1.       DE

2.       OLB

3.       DT

4.       RB

5.       SS

ATLANTA FALCONS– The new kids on top in the topsy-turvy division that is the NFC South.  An unstoppable team at home, I thought they would make it to the NFC championship but ran into a red hot Aaron Rodgers who had the performance of a lifetime.  After some busts in the past at DE, they will likely try their luck again in a deep class.

1.       DE

2.       OT

3.       WR

4.       TE

5.       S


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