Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/15/2011

Team Needs: NFC West

Alright,we finally have reached the final division in our review of division by division team needs, so without further adieu, the NFC West.


ARIZONA CARDINALS– The Cardinals have some talent on both sides of the ball but they are young and the lack of a true Qb after Warner’s retirement and Leinart’s disappointments leaves this team without a signal caller.

1. QB

2. CB

3. OLB

4. LT

5. TE

SAN FRANCISCO 49ER’s– The 49er’s just couldn’t get it done under Mike Singletary which led to the hire of Stanford HC, Jim Harbaugh.  Harbaugh is a QB guru and this is another team without a signal caller.  The question is whether or not Harbaugh will see a guy he likes with the #7 overall pick.

1. QB

2. CB

3. OLB

4. FS

5. OG

ST.LOUIS RAMS– The Rams actually had a shot to make the playoffs towards the end of the season.  That was due to the great play of rookie sensation QB, Sam Bradford.  This division lacks QB’s but the Rams have found theirs after taking Bradford #1 overall last year.  The next thing to do will be to add playmakers around him.

1. WR

2. OLB

3. DE

4. RB

5. OG

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS– The Seahawks enjoyed some success under their new head coach Pete Carroll after a nice draft in 2010.  I think it’s time to start looking to upgrade the QB position as Hasselback is declining.

1. QB

2. DT

3. DE

4. WR

5. RB



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