Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/18/2011

Where are all the RB’s?


Today I wanted to talk about this draft class RB’s or lack there of.  When looking around at mock drafts, you might notice that a lot of first round mocks only have 1 RB, Mark Ingram.  So what gives?  The fact is, this class just doesn’t have that great of high quality depth.  That probably wont change after the combine much either because none of the 2nd tier guys are expected to light up their 40 times.  A guy like Derrick Locke out of Kentucky might be able to run in the 4.3’s but he is only a mid round selection at best due to his size.  Scott Wright at DraftCountdown wrote a great article recently about the dangers of taking a RB too high in the first round.  He refences guys like Knowshown Moreno who was selected 12th a couple years ago, and C.J. Spiller who was taken 9th overall last year by the Bills.  Plain and simple these were big time reaches.  When you’re drafting that high, no matter what your biggest need is you have to also take into account value.  Spiller is not an every down back and more of a weapon at the position and in the return game.  It was a mistake to take him 9th overall with much bigger needs and already having a proven veteran RB on the roster in Fred Jackson.

The point is, unless you are getting the next Barry Sanders or Adrian Petersen, you probably shouldn’t be taking a RB in the first 10 picks.  A guy like Mark Ingram will probably fall between 15-25 which is right where he should go.  He had top intangibles, vision, and cutting ability and will be a very good pro but due to the lack of elite qualities it just does not make sense to take him in the top 10.

There will be a number of guys who teams will likely be targeting in rounds 2 or 3, the best proven time to find a back for the right value seeing as it is the easiest position to transition from out of college.

Mikel Leshoure, Illinois

Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State

Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech

Jordan Toddman, Connecticut

DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma





  1. I’m not a fan of Murray’s at all I really think he might be a bust. The other guys have some decent value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds though.

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