Posted by: ewadd986 | 02/23/2011

Scouting Combine-Eve

It’s that time again.  Scouting Combine week!  This is literally the best week besides the draft for NFL Draft fans.  While some will say that the combine is just a bunch of numbers that actually have nothing to do with football, there is a lot to be learned from certain drills.  This is the first time a lot of coaches get to meet these players and interview them which is one of the biggest tests for players.  A great interview could make or break a prospects stock.

Then we have the 40.  The holy grail of the combine.  Nothing is more important to some people than how fast you can run 40 yards in.  While too much stock shouldn’t be put into this number, it is a good indicative of a player’s overall speed and ability to get off the line.  Wide Recievers and running backs can see their stock soar with a 40 in the 4.3’s or below for example, Chris John and Jacoby Ford.  One guy I will have my eye on for the 40 is actually a Quarter Back, Cam Newton.  He will be participating in all the drills this week and as far as his 40 I’m going to predict his best time at 4.57.  If he runs in the 4.4 which might be possible, I don’t see him getting past the top 5.  Here are some of the players I will be watching this week heavily at the combine.

I will be watching the combine all week and updating when I can how players did and who helped or hurt their stock the most so be sure to check back in.



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