Posted by: ewadd986 | 03/01/2011

Post Combine



Today marked the conclusion of the 2011 NFL Combine. As always, there were guys who helped their stock and some guys who hurt their stock.  Now, one problem I have with the Combine is that sometimes draft fans will overreact to somebody’s 40 time or how many reps they had and immediately after just vault someone up their board because they had a great workout.  You have to remember that these guys train for this stuff year round and some guys truly are just ‘workout warriors’.  The number one thing you still have to evaluate when looking at draft prospects is GAME TAPE.

Now, running a really good 40 time when you might have questions with speed definitely helps, but it doesn’t make a player a better football player.  One guy who I think sums this up this year is Demarcus Vany Dyke, CB out of Miami.  He ran the fastest 40 time this year out of anyone at the combine with a 4.28, talk about speed!  However, he measured in at a slight 176 lbs.  He might have blazing speed which is important at the corner position, but he is known for being pretty bad at tackling and run support.  Teams will see this as a red flag for sure and as much as they will love his speed they need guys out on the field who can tackle and make plays.

I was really impressed with the rest of the corners in this year’s draft.  Amakumara ran a 4.37 which was much faster than I expected and pretty much makes him a top 12 pick lock.  Patrick Peterson didn’t disappoint either running a 4.34 after making claims he would run in the 4.2’s.  He weighed in at 219 lbs so that is pretty special for the corner back position.  He has a safety’s body and elite speed and play-making abilities.  He also will help a team in the return game right away and at this point I see him as a top 5 lock.

If you’re a draft fan you probably know by now that this defensive line class is LOADED.  The lineman did not disapoint either at the combine this week.  Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus both looked very impressive in the positional drills and even ran pretty fast 40 time’s with good 10 yard splits, which is a way to determine initial quickness and burst off the line.  Other guys like Ryan Kerrigan, Sam Acho, Cameron Jordan and others really showed good athleticism and why this class is so highly thought of.  One guy who continues to struggle though is Oklahoma’s Jeremy Beal who just doesn’t fit the mold of any position at this point.  He has slipped to the mid rounds after a very poor combine.

Every year somebody just lights up the combine at every drill and blows people away with their athleticism.  This year the award for ‘workout warrior’ has to go to Julio Jones the WR out of Alabama.  He came in at 6’2 and 1/2, 220 lbs and ran a 4.39 40.  He also sported a 38 inch vert which is a little lower than I expected but very good none the less.  From a physical standpoint, Jones might be the most NFL ready player available in the draft.  His frame is thick, sturdy and built to play football.  The guy is a freakish athlete, if I had to compare him to anyone it would probably Terrel Owens at this point.  A.J. Green still remains my #1 WR however even though he didn’t have the bomb combine like Jones did.  Green is just simply a better player at this point and his game film proves that.

O, and in case you missed it, Stephen Paea destroyed the old bench mark record of 46 with 49. He repped 225 lbs 49 times!  That’s a total of  11,025 lbs.  Talk about strength…


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