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Team Needs: AFC North and East

Before we get into team needs I would just like to say that I also LOVE national signing day.  This is the first time we ever really hear about the stars that will head to college and one day hopefully make it to the NFL via the draft.  In a way, recruiting is a lot like the NFL Draft and is a joy to follow.  Check out this weird story that happened with one Ole Miss recruit named Floyd Raven.  His mother wanted him to go to Ole Miss so bad she forged his signature on a letter of intent and faxed it in to Ole Miss!  Now that is what I call crazy, anyways Raven will now be headed to Texas A&M.


BENGALS– Bengals will probably lose T.O. and Chad Johnson as he’s back to being called in the offseason so WR instantly becomes the biggest area of concern.  A.J. Green would be a dream scenario.

1.       WR

2.       DE

3.       S

4.       G

5.       QB

BROWNS– The Browns have similar needs to the Bengals and only pick 2 slots behind them.  If somehow the Bengals pass on Green the Browns would have to pick him up.  If he’s gone, a guy to anchor their new defense like Marcell Dareus or even Von Miller would make sense.

1.       WR

2.       DE

3.       RT

4.       S

5.       ILB

RAVENS– The one vaunted Ravens defense is slowly coming apart.  The big problem lies in the secondary where All-Pro Ed Reed is really the only bright spot and even he has contemplated retirement in recent years due to injuries.  The ravens could also use a rush end to improve their pass rush and WR is also a big need.

1.       CB

2.       DE

3.       WR

4.       ILB

5.       RT

STEELERS– Even annual Super Bowl contenders have needs.  Ike Taylor is a free agent at the end of the year and there is little else to speak of after him.  They could also use help at DE where they are getting old and along the offensive line.  Picking at 31 or 32, there figures to be some quality tackles and CB’s worthy of that value.

1.       CB

2.       DE

3.       RG

4.       LT

5.       FS


BILLS– The Bills desperately need a franchise QB but with this crop there may not be one worthy of selection at #3.  The Bills have said they will take the best player available and that won’t be a LT/RT either.  It might come down to Von Miller, Robert Quinn or Marcell Dareus, all guys who can fit a 3-4 or 4-3 once the Bills figure out what scheme they will predominantly run.

1.       QB

2.       LT/RT

3.       OLB

4.       ILB

5.       DE

DOLPHINS–  The Dolphins will also be looking for a franchise QB after swinging and missing on Chad Henne and Pat White.  They also will likely be losing Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams so RB also becomes a big area of concern along with a vertical threat at WR.  I have seen a lot of mocks giving the Dolphins RB Mark Ingram and I think that would be a fine pick at #15.

1.       QB

2.       RB

3.       WR

4.       TE

5.       LG

JETS– The Jets are so close to putting together a Super Bowl caliber team, but they do have some glaring needs.  Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards are likely gone so finding a #1 WR will be huge for the Jets and the further development of Mark Sanchez.  Rex Ryan would also love to improve the pass rush.

1.       WR

2.       DE

3.       OLB

4.       FS

5.       SS

PATRIOTS–  The Patriots have the luxury of having two picks in each of the first three rounds.  They will look to shore up holes in the front seven by adding an OLB and DE to fit the five technique.  They also will need to look for a WR that can potentially be their go to guy and somebody who can stretch the field like Moss did.

1.       OLB

2.       DE

3.       WR

4.       LT/RT

5.       C


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This week I will be doing a rundown of team needs by every division in the NFL.

I’m going to be detailing the top 5 position needs for every team in their respective division.

Wednesday: AFC North and AFC East

Thursday: AFC South

Friday: AFC West

Saturday: NFC North and NFC East

Sunday: NFC South

Monday: NFC West

Also be sure to check out‘s NFL Draft Blog.  The co-creator of the site had some really nice things to say about my blog and even added me to their blog-roll and I have added them to mine in return.  I was even offered to write a guest blog to help promote my site so thanks to Steve Shoup for the kind words!

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“On the other side of the coin, West Virginia’s Noel Devine did not look good, getting physically manhandled by defenders every time there was contact.” – Scott Wright, Draftcountdown

Scott was at the senior bowl on the sidelines and had a chance to view Noel close up. While I agree with him that he did not look good, I wouldn’t go as so far to say that he was getting physically manhandled. It might have been different because I was watching from TV but from what I saw, every time they tried to run the ball with Devine they ran it inside and created no holes. Noel is a guy who needs a hole to create and positive yards. Obviously when there isn’t one he is going to be gobbled up at 160 pounds but he does have the ability to shake off defenders if he has room. I think that was evident when they ran a stretch play left into space on his TD although nobody really came close to him.

“So Ponder is trying his best to answer them. Not with words but with what he does here this week, and with he’ll do next month at the NFL Combine. He believes he can be the quarterback who once inspired talk of the Heisman Trophy – the one some pundits thought might be the most NFL-ready quarterback in the nation.” – Andrew Carter,,0,2170274.story

I think that Ponder did exactly that this weekend. He was hands down the most impressive QB in a group where a lot of expectations were placed on Locker. Maybe Ponder felt he had something to prove because he looked like the most NFL ready QB on Saturday. He led the South to points on nearly all of his drives and was in constant control of his offense and the game. He was very poised in leading his team up and down the field and showed he can read defenses and check off coverage, something the other QB’s didn’t really do. His arm strength will need to improve but he can easily step into a role in a West Coast offense. 49er’s round 2???

“Kendricks didn’t necessarily have a great game receiving. But he showed on multiple occasions he can block. He took it to Miami’s Allen Bailey on a few plays, which was impressive.” –

I’m glad someone gave Kendricks some recognition but I feel like he deserves more. Maybe not for his efforts in this game but just overall as a prospect I feel as if Kendricks if flying a little bit under the radar. He has prototypical size that you look for and when watching him on Saturday I was really impressed with how fluid he was when running routes. He gets to the second level with ease and can separate himself well from linebackers. He made a really nice diving catch in the game as well. Kendricks is my top TE and I have him over Rudolph because as mockingthedraft mentioned he is a more than capable blocker and is a good pass catcher in his own right. Maybe it’s just because the TE position is somewhat down this year but I still think Kendricks garners 2nd round attention.

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Senior Bowl Wrap-Up

The Senior Bowl just ended and in somewhat of a surprise, the South easily beat the North, 24-10. Christian Ponder was named MVP and finished the game with 132 passing yards, 2 touchdowns going 7/13.

In all, this wasn’t too exciting of a game but there were definitely some guys who were able to stand out and some might have really raised their draft status. Here are some of the players who caught my eye.

Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M- Coming into this game I think just about everyone listed Miller as their best overall prospect. He didn’t do anything to change that today and in my opinion improved his stock. Miller is a devastating pass rusher but due to there being no blitzing, he was forced to sit back and read plays all day. He showed a high football I.Q. and made a number of nice tackles for loss or stops for no gain. He reads the play, trusts his instincts and goes after it. He can also fit as a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 OLB which cements him as a top 10 pick. I think he is best suited for the 3-4 though will his ability to rush the passer.
Stock: Up

Jake Locker, QB, Washington- Everyone wanted to see how Jake Locker would do with a good line and play-makers on the outside. Lots of excuses have been made for Locker during his senior season and today he was supposed to show what he really was made of. If today was an indicator, it was that he is still a work in progress and in my opinion only a late 1st round pick. Accuracy is the biggest concern with Locker and on a number of throws Locker sailed the ball high out of the receivers reach. He also missed Kendricks on a wide open seem route early on. Mike Mayock made some really good points about Locker’s footwork showing that he over-strides his front foot which could be the reason why he sails balls. He did make a nice throw into the endzone to Pettis that would have likely been a TD but there was pass interference on the play. Bottom line, Locker has all the physical tools and intangibles to be a really good QB but it will take time to get there. If he can get good coaching, improve his footwork and work on his throwing in the pocket he will be a starter in the NFL for a long time.
Stock: Down

Christian Ponder, QB, FSU- Ponder was the only QB able to separate himself from the pack and consequentially ended up being the MVP of the game. He led the South team on a number of drives that ended with points and threw two touchdowns himself. Both of his touchdown passes were very nice. The first one to Hankerson had perfect timing and put it right where it needed to be. The second one showed a lot of intelligence as he checked down the safety and put it in a spot for Kerley to make the play. He just seemed to be the only QB that was really comfortable out on the field. He also has some nice wheels which is a plus but he needs to work on getting some zip on the ball. He doesn’t have great arm strength and on the first play he threw a pretty bad deep ball to Hankerson. He would be most successful in a West Coast offense and at this point I think he has solidified a second round grade.
Stock: Up

Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami- Hankerson probably would have been my choice for MVP, he had a very impressive day. He caught 5 balls for 99 yards and a touchdown. On the touchdown he made a really nice fake on Burney and a nice comeback on the ball from Ponder for a TD and made it look easy. He also made a really nice adjustment on the first play of the game and was able to secure the ball after bobbling it at first. Speaking of bobbling, Hankerson had a couple of drops on catches that he should have had. That it one of his biggest flags at the moment. He looks like an NFL receiver when watching him play and he kind of reminds you of another form Cane receiver, Andre Johnson. He doesn’t have the sure hands and wont work the middle of the field as well which is why I think he projects to a #2 WR in the NFL but a very good one at that. If he can run a 4.5 or better it will really do wonders for his stock. At this point he could come off as early as late first early second.
Stock: Up

Nate Solder, OT, Colorado- Solder had one of the more disappointing days as far as the higher rated guys went. He is thought by many to be the top tackle in a mediocre class. Solder is huge at 6’8 314 lbs but today he showed that his height can be a disadvantage to his body. He seems to lose his center of gravity when trying to get off of his stance. He struggles breaking his initial stance and as a result, guys were able to blow right by him on more than one occasion. He is pretty new to the position however after formerly playing TE so it could just take some time and good coaching to get Solders technique to where it needs. He does have LT potential and showed a nice drive in the run game. I still think he has a good chance to be the first OT taken as Castonzo didn’t look impressive either and with a premium on the LT position in the draft, he will likely be snatched up by pick 25.
Stock: Down

Check back later as I will have more write-ups on how other players did today.

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Sorry Draft fans, tonight, it’s all politics.

I have to do a live blog on Obama’s, State of the Union address.  Not really interested in politics but I guess it can’t hurt, right?

10:13- It’s all over folks.  Decent speech, not a whole lot of outdrawn ovations so can’t complain there.  Ended strong.  Still mad he didn’t come out with this shtick.

10:08- Props to Salvatore Giunta, the latest Medal of Honor(highest military decoration) recipient.  His story is amazing and makes this country what it is.

10:06- Haha, cant change the old guard.  Those officers were not digging the don’t ask don’t tell comment.

10:04- Finally some love for the people that matter most to this country(soldiers).

9:58- Look at the 100,000 soldiers who have left Iraq with their heads held high(APPLAUSE).  No applause for the “civilians” still there fighting?  #democrats (I have no political affiliation by the way)

9:54- Awkward/terrible salmon joke?  Awkward pause?  CLAP FOR THE PRESIDENT OR ELSE.

9:52- Someone on the twitter live feed said Biden looks like a failed Jeff Dunham puppet, hilarious zing.

9:42- Biden is the most inconspicuous VP I’ve ever seen.  He also looks like he’s inconspicuously passing gas and is intrigued by its smell.  Boehner can’t wait to get out.

9:33- If you want me to be a teacher, pay them more.  Teacher salaries are way too low.

9:32- Completely agree, teachers can have as much impact on a kid as their own parents.  I have met a couple in my life that I am thankful for and will never forget.  I really like what he is saying about education, hopefully things can change.

9:28- I like what Obama is saying about education, %25 of kids not graduating high school is alarming.  Although, if the Packers win the Super Bowl, I will congratulate them.

9:20- Is Obama reading off of a prompter?  If not that is damn impressive, if he is, at least he doesn’t sound like this idiot.

9:12- Obama mentions Senator Giffords, nice standing ovation.

9:10- Obama just got to the podium and of course everyone is still standing, can’t wait to see that all night.  Hopefully he says something that interests me.

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So this week we were asked to find 10 blogs related to our topic, mine being the NFL Draft.  So without further adieu:

1. Draftcountdown–  My go to site for the NFL Draft.  Scott Wright has excellent player ratings and mock drafts and has a lot of other great content as well, readers should definitely check it out.

2. NFL–  The NFL’s official blogsite that constantly streams information.  Will really help my site for player news etc.

3. Draft Daddy–  This blog is constantly updated and will help me to keep up with college player news.

4. Mocking the Draft– A good site that is constantly updated.  Will help me gather information pertaining to the draft.

5. Walter Football–  Has good article on things related to the NFL Draft.

6. ESPN–  ESPN’s NFL Draft blog.  Has a lot of good information from well respected writers and scouts.

7. Mock Draft HQ– A site with a lot of good mock drafts and links.

8. Footballs Future– A nice looking site that has a lot of information and pages.

9. Fanhouse– Has a lot of articles and also links to good draft content.

10. My NFL Draft– Good site that has a nice mock draft and archives.

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East-West Live Blog

Hey everyone, kickoff just got underway and hopefully we will have an interesting game.

Coaching the East squad is former Broncos and Falcons coach Dan Reaves.  The West is led by former Cowboys head coach, Wade Phillps, the new defensive coordinator for the Texans.

Game will be played with NFL rules no blitzing however,also no challenges.

1st Quarter-  Scott Tolzien of Wisconsin is the starting QB of the west team.

First play of the game Alex Green of Hawaii fumbles the ball, never good.

Tyrod Taylor comes out to lead the East and on the first play hands it off to Delone Carter for an 18 yard touchdown.  Carter showed some nice burst and power around the edge on that run.  NFL Draft Guru Mike Mayock named him as his player to watch before the game.

Not much on the second series from the East.  Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona is getting a nice burst off the line.  He is one of the more underrated ends in a very deep class.

West team driving and then Kenny Rowe, DE, Oregon runs right by the RT and forces a strip sack on Tolzien, recovered by the West team in the end zone for a safety but could have easily been recovered by the East for a touchdown.  9-0 East with 8:59 in the 1st.

Taylor makes a couple nice passes on that series and a nice scramble to convert on third down showing what he does best.  Evan Royster caps it off with a 4 yard touchdown to make it 16-0 East.  Mayock calls out Royster for his lack of a burst and says he has one speed and I have to agree.  I just don’t see much NFL potential there.  Boise State DE, Ryan Winterswyk made a nice stop on a run play and was close to chasing Tyrod down, he’s looking good out there right now.

Tolzien sacked again, the West team is really having protection issues which is not a surprise for an all star game like this.

Pat Devlin finally enters the game for the East finally.  Not much from him on this series but he is showing some good pocket presence and mobility, could be a good QB in the right system.  Jeron Johnson closes well on a run play and shows why he is regarded as one of the better safeties in this draft.

West is just getting killed on the line, Tolzien with another fumble and ends with the East getting another FG. 19-0 East.

Nathan Enderle finally enters the game for the West.  Doesn’t show good foot work but the West’s line is playing so bad right now that nobody is going to look good back there.  Armon Binns makes his first catch, his body really stands out and looks NFL ready, a real big kid.

Ricky Dobbs enters the game for the East.  Doesn’t look like an NFL QB, looks to run first and has a very low and awkward throwing motion.  Probably will be a UDFA.

Enderle is showing nice zip on the ball but not good foot work or timing.  However, he throws a nice touch pass to the back of the endzone to his TE on the crossing pattern.  They line up for two and run a similar play to the TE Julius Thomas again.  Enderle makes another nice touch pass across his body. 19-8 East.

Halftime comes to an end.  Game hasn’t been too exciting and nobody has really stood out yet.  Will have more during the 2nd half.

2nd Half underway and Tyrod Taylor is back in for the East.  Dontay Moch has looked surprisingly good playing as a stand-up LB and has made some nice plays chasing down backs in space.  Mayock says he is only at 229 lbs right now though which is surprising, I thought he was closer to 240.  He could really have some problems at the NFL shedding blockers if that is true.

Marvin Austin hasn’t been impressive today.  Doesn’t use his size well and has been pancaked a couple times, seems to play too high.  Has been out of football for a year though so rust is expected.

Greg Smith TE, Texas has made a couple nice catches today and he has been finding holes in coverage.  Made a really nice adjustment on a catch from Tyrod that he threw to the wrong shoulder.  Smith looks pretty athletic at 6’4 250.  Another guy people might be familiar with Greg Cooper, RB, Miami, hasn’t really impressed me.  He jitters too much at the line and even in the second zone, hasn’t showed much burst either.

Jerrod Johnson QB, Miss. State enters for the West.  I’m not impressed by him.  Puts the ball in good spots but has a low release and has poor arm strength, don’t think he projects to much at the NFL.  Should be a late rounder at best.

Bad quarterbacking right now.  Devlin makes a poor throw into coverage and is picked off.  Very next play Johnson makes a terrible decision and tries to throw a ball out of bounds but floats it up down field and is picked off.  Don’t see him as an NFL QB.  Delone Carter hasn’t gained a ton of yards since his first carry for a TD but he has really showed some down field toughness.  He’s one of those guys that definitely raised his stock this week and probably wont slip past the 4th now.

Well, there is only 4 minutes left and I’ve got to run.  Has been a pretty uneventful second half.  I’ll be back tomorrow to write a little wrap-up of how the game went and who helped their cause.  Thanks for following.

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East West Shrine Game Preview

Tomorrow will mark the 86th annual East-West Shrine Game from Orlando, Florida.  The game is a traditional all-star match-up between some of the top seniors in college football.  Tomorrows game will showcase a lot of guys who will likely be drafted late April.  Players will vie to raise their stocks in front of tons of NFL scouts.  The game includes a lot of interesting prospects, some well known and some you probably have never heard of.  You can check out the full roster here.

The game begins at 4 P.M. eastern time and will be broadcast on the NFL Network for those who are interested.  I will be conducting a live blog as the game goes on so I hope if you are a fan of this site you will follow along.

Here are some players from each team that I will be keeping an eye on.


Marvin Austin, DT, UNC. – Draft followers will surely recognize this name.  Was kicked off of UNC last year after being named in an NCAA investigation of UNC for improper contact of recruits.  Has all the talent in the world.  Thought of to be a first round player a couple years ago, now he is one of the most debated players in the draft.  I’ve seen some say he is a late first and some say at best a third rounder.  He will have all eyes on him and has the most to gain from this event.

Delone Carter, RB, Syracuse-  Very productive player in college who runs with a lot of power.  Doesn’t have  any standout qualities and is more of a jack of all trades but has a solid frame and will definitely get a look from teams looking to add a RB in the later rounds.  Right now is probably a 5th rounder and will look to raise his stock with a strong outing.

Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware-  One of the big time smaller school prospects.  Devlin saw his stock rise a ton his senior season.  Comes from a D1-AA school, Delaware, but that didn’t stop the Ravens from drafting alumnus Joe Flacco.  Doesn’t have near the arm strength that Flacco has and there have been concerns about his overall arm strength but he could fit well in a West Coast system.  Right now he seems to be a 3rd round pick with the potential to go late 2nd round but could also drop as low as the 5th with a bad outing.  Probably best fits as a backup to a team that might want to try to develop and groom him as a starter down the line.

Other notable players: Tyrod Taylor (who will be playing QB), VT.  Doug Hogue, OLB, Syracuse.  Terrence Toliver, WR, LSU.  Evan Royster, RB, Penn State.


Nathan Enderle, QB, Idaho- A big QB at 6′-5 233 lbs.  Another mid round QB prospect in a similar situation to Pat Devlin (see above).  He’s a very accurate QB and has a quick throwing motion that scouts will like.  The problem with Enderle is that he wasn’t a very good QB when the game was on the line and didn’t play well against top competition.  Kind of has that gunslinger mentality and decision making and intangibles are a question mark which is why he drops to the mid rounds.

Jeron Johnson, SS, Boise State- It’s no secret to draft followers that this is a weak class as far as safeties are concerned.  Jeron Johnson might have something to say about that.  Definitely a sleeper prospect, Johnson isn’t the biggest guy at just 5’10 but he is compact at 210 lbs and plays with a lot of intensity.  You can tell he really loves to play football the way he flies around the field.  He plays a very aggressive and confident style and is not afraid to make a hit.  He also had really good instincts in coverage and could play either safety position in the NFL if needed.  Might not be a sleeper for long, projects to be a 2nd-3rd round pick and might benefit from the lack of depth at safety.

Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada- If there is one guy you have to watch tomorrow, this is him.  Austin will have a lot of eyes on him but nobody will be more exciting to watch tomorrow than Moch.  Why?  Well at 6-1 245 lbs, it has been reported that he runs a 4.25 40.  When asked to run the 40 again he apparently ran a 4.19!  To put that in comparison, Titans RB, Chris Johnson ran the faster ever 40 time at the combine at 4.24.  If Moch can run in the 4.2’s or even in the low 4.3’s, NFL scouts everywhere will be picking their tongues off the floor.  He will have to play a special role in a 3-4 front as a pass rush specialist, similar to Broncos OLB, Elvis Dumervil, but as we’ve seen guys like Clay Matthews take off, NFL teams will have no problem with that.  Depending on his combine and performances in the senior games I can’t see this guy falling out of the first round.  He could go as high as #20 and in my opinion should not slip anywhere past pick #40.  Keep an out out for Moch tomorrow, he will be wearing #55.

This is the only video I could find of Moch and it is from the ’09 season.  It’s not his best game but you can truly get a feel for just how fast he plays and how quick he closes in a straight line.  Check out the sack at 1:45.

That’s all for now, be sure to check back tomorrow as I blog live throughout the game!

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Declaration Day

The college football season has officially ended which can only mean one thing: the NFL draft is right around the corner.  Saturday marked the last day for eligible underclassman to declare for the NFL draft and there were some surprise names who decided to stay in school.

Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: The consensus number one prospect on everyone’s board.  Decided to go back to Stanford to finish his education and possibly win a national championship and or Heisman.  A lot of people were really questioning this decision because of the potential lockout and new labor agreements.  If the NFLPA agrees to a rookie pay scale he stands to lose out on a lot of guaranteed money but the fact that he decided to stay even after losing his head coach Jim Harbaugh to San Francisco reaffirms that he was sincere in his reasoning.  The uncertainty in Carolina probably didn’t help either.  Even barring injury, (see St. Louis Rams QB, Sam Bradford) he should again be the consensus number 1 pick in 2012 should he decided to declare.

Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State: Easily could have been a top 15 pick and a first round lock.  Was the third rated wide receiver on my board after having a Heisman campaign season.  He finished the season with 111 receptions for 1,782 yards and 20 touchdowns.  Talk about production!  Lost his offensive coordinator Dana Holgerson to WVU but his star QB Brandon Weeden, will also return.  Weeden will be 28 in next year’s draft in a situation similar to former FSU QB, Chris Weinke, and looks to be a potential late round developmental pick.

Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida: Would have been a possible first round selection but tore his labrum and had to have surgery which probably factored in his decision to stay in school.  A playmaker with good ball skills, he will have a chance to increase his draft stock and be one of the top players taken at his position next year.  This year’s draft was also pretty deep at CB which may have factored into his decision also.  Next year he will compete with Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama, and Stephon Gilmore of South Carolina to be the top corner selected in 2012.

Other notable players who decided to forgo the NFL draft: Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma.  Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame.  Jared Crick, DT, Nebraska.

Now to take a look at some players who have actually declared for the draft with a quick mock draft of the top 10:

1.       Carolina Panthers – Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn.  The panthers are the big losers in the whole Andrew Luck situation.  Fairley has some character concerns and has been accused of being a dirty player but he will likely be the top player on most teams’ boards.  Really showcased his talents in the national title game and can anchor a defensive line for a team that could use help almost everywhere.  Not as good as Ndamukong Suh last year but will likely be a disruptive force at the under tackle position in the pros.  Reminds me of former All- Pro, Warren Sapp.

2.       Denver Broncos- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU.  With Champ Bailey not getting any younger and possibly leaving this off-season, the Broncos could really stand to infuse some youth into their secondary.  A rare physical specimen at the position at 6’1, 222 lbs. and a fluid athlete.  Definition of a playmaker and could return punts and even play some safety where some think he might be best suited.

3.       Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn.  Heisman trophy winner and national champion.  Has a rare physical skill set at the QB position.   Skill set reminds some of Tim Tebow with his ability to run, don’t overlook this kids arm.  Can make a lot of NFL throws but the thing that scares me the most is the system he comes from.  Played mostly out of the shotgun and wasn’t asked to make a lot of progressions and NFL reads.  Definition of a boom or bust, will Buffalo take the risk?

4.       Cincinnati Bengals- A.J. Green, WR, Georgia.  Freakish athlete that simply catches everything thrown his way.  Has elite hands and route running ability that reminds me of Randy Moss.  Easily the best WR prospect since Calvin Johnson and could make a case to be the number one pick when all is said and done.  The knock on him is durability but he should be able to make an immediate impact on an aging WR corps that could lose both T.O. and Ocho Cinco in the off-season.

5.Arizona Cardinals- Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska. The cardinals could go a couple of directions with this pick but in the end I believe Prince will be the pick.  With the way the NFL is shifting to heavily pass oriented offenses it would be smart to take the best lock down corner in the draft.  I know some people have him and Peterson 1a 1b and I’m not so sure myself who will be the better pro player.  Has a great physical skill set and seems to glide around the field to go with impressive ball skills.

6.       Cleveland Browns- Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson.  One of the highest rated high school prospects as a senior in high school finally saw his talent blossom this season with a career high 16 sacks.  Definition of a pass rusher that best fits a 4-3 scheme.  Browns are likely to shift to the 4-3 after firing Mangini as Holmgren prefers it and Bowers would be a perfect fit.

7.       San Francisco 49’ers- Jake Locker, QB, Washington.  What a turn of events it has been for Locker.  Thought to be a contender to be the number one pick in last year’s draft, Locker has seen his stock take a huge hit after an awful, injury plagued season where he had numerous poor outings.  However, the talent is still there and the 49er’s and Harbaugh will be looking for a signal caller of the future to mold.  Locker has all the physical qualities to succeed at the next level but will need to have a strong combine and senior week to reaffirm that status to NFL scouts.

8.       Tennessee Titans- Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas.  Bud Adams decided to choose Jeff Fisher over Vince Young this off-season so the Titans will likely be looking for a QB.  With a weak QB class, the Titans won’t be able to wait to replace Young in the later rounds.  Blaine Gabbert is also an option but Mallet’s arm will be too much for them to pass up.  Has a cannon for an arm and can make all the necessary NFL throws.  Must work on footwork to be an effective player at the next level which he seems to struggle with due to his abnormal height standing at 6’6.  Could also stand to beef up their line with a defensive player like Marcell Darues.

9.       Dallas Cowboys- Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama.  The cowboys could use some help along their defensive line and wind up with an absolute animal in Dareus.  Has played in the 3-4 scheme and played multiple positions, very versatile player.  Has a nonstop motor and a knack for shedding blocks and has the ideal size and speed that the Cowboys will be looking for.  Likely would play DE in the 3-4 but could also anchor the line at the NT position.

10.   Washington Redskins- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama.  This is a tough pick to make.  As a Redskins fan I could tell you that I have no clue where they will go with this pick.  A trade down would be ideal especially if Shannahan is interested in Locker as rumored and he is already off the board.  As the oldest team in the league it would be ideal to stock pile draft picks lost in the trade for McNabb.  If they stay, Julio Jones has to be the pick.  With no talent or depth to speak of at the WR position, the Redskins look to take the best receiver on the board.  Jones is a huge specimen at 6’4 220.  Has the ability to go up and get the ball and projects to be a true #1 wide receiver and red zone target.  A beast with the ball in his hands due to his tremendous strength and has nice speed to compliment.  Also is a more than willing blocking receiver that Shannahan will love for his system.

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Welcome to NFL Draft Zone

Welcome to NFL Draft Zone, a blog detailing the NFL Draft.  My name is Eric Waddon, 22, and I have been following the NFL Draft since I was about 12 years old.  I created this blog for a class that I am taking at WVU right now.

In my opinion the NFL Draft is the single greatest day in sports, even if nobody is strapping on a helmet and actually playing.  The thing I love so much  about it is the hope it can bring.  People may think I sound crazy but landing a top QB or an elite player can change the landscape of a franchise for a decade, good or bad.  It is an opportunity for a team to rebuild and add talent, and unfortunately being a Redskins fan, that never happens.

My hope is to bring you mock drafts, player analysis, draft philosophy, team needs, etc. on a weekly basis.


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