Posted by: ewadd986 | 01/11/2011

Welcome to NFL Draft Zone

Welcome to NFL Draft Zone, a blog detailing the NFL Draft.  My name is Eric Waddon, 22, and I have been following the NFL Draft since I was about 12 years old.  I created this blog for a class that I am taking at WVU right now.

In my opinion the NFL Draft is the single greatest day in sports, even if nobody is strapping on a helmet and actually playing.  The thing I love so much  about it is the hope it can bring.  People may think I sound crazy but landing a top QB or an elite player can change the landscape of a franchise for a decade, good or bad.  It is an opportunity for a team to rebuild and add talent, and unfortunately being a Redskins fan, that never happens.

My hope is to bring you mock drafts, player analysis, draft philosophy, team needs, etc. on a weekly basis.




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